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Finance & Insurance

World Bank – Process Mining (2023)

Process Mining project with a leading international bank, analyzing their “projects” process from ideation to approval.

Axos – Process Design Implementation (2023)

Project Sponsor / Program Manager in a Process Design tool implementation with an online bank. This program covered not only the initial implementation, but also the import of 2000+ Visio diagrams and documents, as well as a Process Mining pilot.

Fannie Mae logo
Fannie Mae – Process Mining Proof of Concept (2022)

Proof of concept for an initial Process Mining project – analysis of the incident process in IT.

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Fannie Mae – Process Improvement POC (2020)

Proof of concept for a process improvement initiative – enhancing the configuration of the EA tool implementation from an earlier project and approach at a national home loan company.

Bank of America logo
Bank of America – CARES (2020)

Team lead in the Paycheck Protection Program (CARES act) support for a national bank.

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Fannie Mae – Enterprise Process Repository (2019-2020)

Project Director for a Business Process Repository implementation in the context of an enterprise-wide Governance, Risk & Compliance initiative at a national home loan company. Responsible for all technical aspects of the implementation – configuration, design (data, governance, application interfaces), development of interfaces to multiple systems.

Fannie Mae logo
Fannie Mae – Architecture Tool Selection (2019)

Subject Matter Professional in an EA/process repository tool selection project for a national home loan company, that is used for process improvement and risk & compliance purposes.

PNC logo
PNC – Advanced Admin Training (2019)

Advanced ARIS Admin training – concept, development, remote training delivery – for a national bank.

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PNC – GRC Tech Stack Implementation (2018)

Project Delivery Lead for the enhancement of a tool stack for risk & compliance (based on KPMG’s Risk & Compliance Tool and ARIS), as well as governance design and training creation and delivery for the complete tool stack for a national bank.

State Street logo
State Street – Business Architecture Development (2016-2017)

Lead Business Architect in an Identity and Access Management project for a global financial client (Sailpoint implementation). We supported the system implementation by developing this architecture layer.

PNC logo
PNC – GRC Interface Development (2015)

ARIS Development Lead for the interface development between KPMG’s own Regulatory Compliance Tool and ARIS for a banking client.

AIG logo
AIG – Business Process Management POC (2015)

Project manager in an ARIS proof of concept for an international insurance company in London, UK.

Fannie Mae logo
Fannie Mae – Governance Simplification (2014)

Business process improvement project with implementation road map development for a countrywide home loan company.

Freddie Mac logo
Freddie Mac – ARIS Implementation (2010)

ARIS implementation and method setup at a countrywide home loan company.


Transportation & Energy

Stericycle logo
Stericycle – Enterprise Architecture Review (2017)

Enterprise Architecture review for a global waste management company as part of the planning phase for a global ERP implementation.

BHP logo
BHP – EA Getting Started (2014)

“Getting Started” TOGAF Enterprise Architecture services / ARIS implementation for one of the largest global Oil & Gas / Mining company.

Boeing logo
Boeing – EA Consolidation (2013)

Lead Enterprise Architect on a project that created a consolidated, TOGAF-based EA for the market leader in commercial aircrafts.

American Airlines logo
American Airlines – Process Development (2010)

ARIS “Getting started” support in preparation of an ERP implementation at a global airline – maintenance and supply chain processes.

Southern California Edison logo
Southern California Edison – ARIS Implementation (2009)

Project Manager and SME in an ARIS implementation at an utility company.

South Texas Project logo
South Texas Project – ARIS Implementation (2009)

Project management and training delivery in an ARIS implementation at a nuclear energy provider.

Salzburg AG logo
Salzburg AG – Training Concept (1997)

Development of a classroom-based training concept for an Austrian utility company – SAP implementation.

Deutsche Bahn logo
Deutsche Bahn – Role Definition (1997)

Development of role profiles and job descriptions for a new customer care center of a German railway company.

Life Sciences

Bayer logo
Bayer Crop Science – Enterprise Architecture Road Map (2016-2017)

Project Manager of an Enterprise Architecture Support project (development road map analysis and planning) for a global agriculture / pharma client

Medtronic logo
Medtronic – Business Transformation (2010-2011)

Conceptualization and implementation of an Enterprise Architecture structure in ARIS as part of a Business Transformation project at a medical supply company.

Clorox logo
Clorox – Process Management Mentoring

Mentoring of a Business Process Management project in the context of their ARIS implementation and usage.

Government & Education

Project Management Institute logo
Project Management Institute – EA Implementation (2019)

Project lead for an Enterprise Architecture implementation – stand-up of the discipline of EA at a nonprofit organization in the context of a major business transformation: EA strategy development, tool
selection, method configuration, governance design, training planning, communication.

Project Management Institute logo
Project Management Institute – EA Maturity Assessment (2018)

Enterprise Architecture maturity assessment for a non-profit organization. Development of “findings and recommendations” that will be implemented in the next project phase, as well as definition of an Architecture Review Board and preparing the members and participants. Collection of standards and reference architectures.

HETG logo
HETG – Mainframe Modernization (2011)

Lead of an Enterprise Architecture team in a mainframe modernization project for a nine college consortium in Florida. Responsible for overall concept and EA development, as well as the overall program approach.

British Columbia logo
British Columbia – BPM Mentoring (2011)

Mentoring of a Business Process Management project in the context of their ARIS implementation and usage.

Army logo
US Army – Logistics Processes (2008)

Engagement manager for BPM projects with the US Army (Army logistics and medical logistics) in the context of a SAP implementation.

Bundeswehr logo
German Armed Forces – Armament Processes (2005-2007)

Project manager of a BPM project for the Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung / Armament Organization – SAP implementation.

Swiss Army logo
Swiss Armed Forces – Change Management Concept (2006-2007)

Development of a change management concept for the Swiss Army – SAP implementation.

Bundeswehr logo
German Armed Forces – Organization Processes (2006-2007)

Enhancement of the “Organization” process model for the German Armed Forces – SAP implementation

BMVG logo
German Ministry of Defense – Business Process Management

Support of central Business Process Management program at the German Ministry of Defense.

Bundeswehr logo
German Armed Forces – Armament Process Development (2004-2005)

Project manager of a BPM project “Armament” for the German Armed Forces – SAP implementation

BMVI logo
German Ministry of Transportation & Digital Infrastructure – Org Change Management (2004)

Organizational change management support for the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

Bundeswehr logo
German Armed Forces – Leadership Process Development (2003-2004)

Development of the “Military Leadership” process model – “brigade in a combat mission”.

Bundeswehr logo
German Armed Forces – Medical Services Processes (2003-2004)

Development of the “Medical Service” process model for the German Armed Forces – SAP implementation

Bundeswehr logo
German Armed Forces – Head of a Department (1995-1997)

Head of the personnel department in a battalion’s staff after reunification.

Bundeswehr logo
German Armed Forces – Platoon Leader (1989-1990 & 1994-1995)

Platoon leader of a tank platoon.

Communications & High Tech

iGrafx University (2022/23)

Product Owner of the iGrafx University – the central learning system for customers and partners. Concept, Learning Mgmt System selection, training creation, supervision of Global Learning Team during build, soft launch, launch and maintenance.

Google – Process Mining (2021)

Project manager in a process mining pilot project – introduction of process mining and task mining (Robotics Process Discovery) at a high-tech firm.

KPMG logo
KPMG – Audit Technology (2019)

Lead architect in an application/project/cost rationalization project for KPMG’s Audit group. In addition to the rationalization efforts, forward-looking architecture work, such as definition of principles, creation of a process framework, and architecture catalogs/patterns are in scope of this phase (2019).

Comcast logo
Comcast – BPM Standards and Mentoring (2016)

BPM Subject Matter Professional for a national cable provider/broadcasting company that wanted to improve their operational customer-related processes. Definition of standards and mentoring of modeling resources.

KPMG logo
KPMG – Internal Audit of the Future (2015-2016)

Program Architect for an internal offering development project (three year build with a 20+M budget), leading a team of five architects. Definition of a TOGAF-compliant architecture approach, including governance definition (method, organization/roles, processes), solution portfolio setup, and agile transformation.

KPMG logo
KPMG – Enterprise Architecture Trainings (2015-2020)

Multiple training developments and deliveries for clients (included in project descriptions above), KPMG-internal project teams, the KPMG Global Architect group, as well as part of the “KPMG Source” project support activities.

Course content development and review for KPMG Business School web-based training for Enterprise Architecture.

KPMG logo
KPMG – Business Process Improvement (2015)

Architecture setup for an internal business process improvement of back office processes; support of an initial assessment in 8 process groups in preparation of the development of a target operating model.

KPMG logo
KPMG – EA Practice Design & Standup

Stand up, competency design, and enablement for an Enterprise Architecture practice at KPMG.

KPMG logo
KPMG – Collaboration Suite Implementation (2014)

Method definition and configuration in an implementation of a global collaboration platform for KPMG – “Source”: ARIS, Confluence, JIRA.

Videotron logo
Videotron – ARIS Implementation (2013-2014)

“Getting Started” Enterprise Architecture / ARIS implementation project manager with the main cable / internet provider in Quebec, Canada – establishment of methods and standards.

Software AG logo
Software AG – Consulting Method Development (2013-2014)

Global road map development and product management for the BPMS solution architecture and implementation consulting methodology (“Model-to-Execute”); internal project.

Software AG logo
Software AG – ARIS Training & Certification (2008-2013)

Multiple ARIS training deliveries at various clients as part of the ARIS Certification Program, training development of global training courses (strategy, BPMN), contribution to ARIS certification questionnaire.

Software AG logo
Software AG – EA Competency Design & Standup (2011-2014)

Stand up and competency design for an Enterprise Architecture practice at a leading software vendor.

Citrix logo
Citrix – SAP reimplementation (2008)

Project Manager of a BPM project in a SAP reimplementation at a global High-Tech company.

IDS Scheer logo
IDS Scheer – Wiki Development (2005-2007)

Implementation of a Wiki for the Public Sector consulting branch of IDS Scheer AG.

T-Mobile logo
T-Mobile – Mobile Access Portal (2002)

Project manager of the customer product “Mobile Access Portal“ – access to the customer’s intranet via a new developed service platform – IPSec tunnel.

T-Mobile logo
T-Mobile – Service Integration Platform (2002)

Defect management in system / acceptance test of a “Service Integration Platform“ of a global mobile telecommunication company.

T-Online logo
T-Online – Blended Learning (2001-2002)

Project manager of a Blended Learning project for 1000 client and outsourcing agents. Development of internal standards and norms for the implementation of an eLearning solution at an European internet service provider; quality assurance.

T-Online logo
T-Online – End User Training Program (2000)

Project manager end user training of a billing software at the leading German internet service provider – 400 customer service agents.

T-Online logo
T-Online – Program Intranet (1999-2000)

Development of a knowledge transfer concept; conceptualization and implementation of a project intranet; lead of the editorial staff at the largest German internet service provider.